Upload Test Results to Katalon TestOps from Katalon Studio


Katalon Studio version 7.0 onwards supports video capture of Test Results when uploading them to Katalon TestOps.

From Katalon Studio, you can upload Test Results to Katalon TestOps manually or automatically.

Upload Test Results automatically

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Katalon Studio.

  2. Go to Project > Settings > Katalon TestOps.

    ks project setting testops integration
  3. Tick on the Enable Katalon TestOps Integration checkbox.

    Wait for Katalon Studio to connect to Katalon TestOps.

    Once the connection is successful, Katalon Studio retrieves all Teams and Projects from the Organization you belong to.

  4. Choose your Team and Project in a dropdown menu of the Team and Project sections.

    If you are the Owner or Admin, you can also click New Project to create a new Project instead.

  5. Click Apply and Close.

Once you have enabled Katalon TestOps integration in Katalon Studio, your Test Results are automatically uploaded to Katalon TestOps every time you run Test Suites in Katalon Studio.

automatic upload of test reports to kto see uploads in testops page

Upload Test Results manually

You can also upload Test Results manually by following these steps:

  1. Open Katalon Studio and go to the Project you are working on.

  2. Go to Test Suites or Test Suite Collection and choose your Test Suite.

    Select the Result tab.

    upload manually from ks to testops
  3. Click on the Katalon TestOps tab at the top right corner and select Upload.

  4. Choose the Team and Project you want to upload Test Results to.

  5. Click Upload.

You have uploaded Test Results manually to Katalon Testops.

Switch Organization in Katalon Studio

You can switch to a different Organization in Katalon Studio by following these steps:

  1. Open Katalon Studio and click on the Profile icon at the top right corner.

    switch organization in ks
  2. Select Deactivate.

    The Katalon Studio Activation box displays.

  3. Type the email address and password, then click Activate.

You have logged in to a different Organization.

To verify that you have overridden the authentication successfully, click on the Profile icon again and select View Dashboard.

view dashboard button in ks

You will be navigated to the new Organization in Katalon TestOps.

testops dashboard page