Katalon Analytics (Beta) Integration

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Katalon Analytics (Beta) is a cloud-based application that provides an in-depth view of test execution reports through powerful visualization including charts, graphs, and metrics. Currently, Katalon Analytics supports integration with Katalon Studio for better test report management.

Test Reports are only available for Test Suite/Test Suite Collection level.

Starting in Katalon Studio version 7.0, you need to specify the organization you're working on to log in to Katalon Studio. Then you can configure the integration with Katalon Analytics in two ways:

  1. Right after logging in, there is a Katalon Analytics Integration pop-up window.
  • Select a team in the configured organization that you have permission to access.

  • Select a project under that team you’d like to work on or create your own one if you have permission.

  1. In Katalon Studio, select Project > Settings > Katalon Analytics.


Katalon Analytics integration must be enabled in order to submit test execution reports to Katalon Analytics. In Katalon Studio, select Project > Settings > Katalon Analytics. Following the below steps to set up the integration properly.

Check Enable Integration checkbox. All the fields will be visible for editing.


Katalon Analytics credentials that include the Server URL: https://analytics.katalon.com and the email used for logging in to Katalon Studio, will be auto-filled.

Notes: Starting in Katalon Studio version 7.0, Katalon API Keys can be used for enabling Katalon Analytics in console mode.

Click Connect to retrieve all teams and projects that you have permission to access in the organization you're working on.

Select Team and Project

Once Katalon Studio is successfully connected to Katalon Analytics, all relevant Katalon Analytics the Teams and Projects will be retrieved and displayed in the Teams and Projects drop-down menu. You can also create a  new project in Katalon Analytics if you're a team owner or admin, simply click the New Project button and enter a name for it.

Test Result

In Test Result, you can decide whether or not Katalon Studio will automatically upload test run results to Katalon Analytics and whether the uploaded test results include screenshots and videos.

Click Apply and then OK to finish your configurations.

Notes: Katalon Studio version 7.0 supports submitting test run results with captured videos to Katalon Analytics.

Upload Reports

View the detailed documents of uploading test results from Katalon Studio and the command line.

Starting in Katalon Studio Version 7.0, the reports with pdf, HTML, CSV formats automatically generated by Basic Report Plugin can be uploaded from Katalon Studio to Katalon Analytics. Remember to configure your preferred report formats.

Access Katalon Analytics

View Reports

In the Result Tab of a Test Suite, click the Katalon Analytics button, then select Access Analytics to access the Execution tab. You can also view more reports in the Reports tab in Katalon Analytics.

View Execution History of a specific Test Case or Test Suite

You can also view a specific Test Case or Test Suite entire execution history in Katalon Analytics by clicking the View Execution History button on the Test Case or Test Suite Views.  

Create Test Plan in Katalon Analytics right from Katalon Studio

Starting in Katalon Studio version 7.0, on the test suite collection view, click the Create Test Plan button to:

  • Zip and upload the current Project code.
  • Create a corresponding Test Plan on Katalon Analytics with the above Test Project.

Store Katalon Studio's project code in Katalon Analytics

Starting in Katalon Studio version 7.0, to store your Katalon Studio's Project Code in Katalon Analytics, from any screens of your project in Katalon Studio, click icon, select the preferred Katalon Analytics team and project to store the Katalon Studio project code, then enter a Code Repo name and click Upload.

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