Upload Test Results to Katalon TestOps automatically from Katalon Studio

To configure the Katalon TestOps Integration, right after activating:

  • Select a team in the configured organization that you have permission to access.

  • Select a project under that team you’d like to work on or create your own one if you have permission.


In Katalon Studio, go to Project > Settings > Katalon TestOps.

You must enable Katalon TestOps Integration to submit test execution reports to Katalon TestOps. Follow the below steps to set up the integration properly:

  1. Check the Enable Katalon TestOps Integration checkbox to retrieve all teams and projects that you have permission to access in the organization you're working on.

    In case you want to switch to another organization, on the top right corner of the app, select you account > select Deactivate > activate again.

    Once Katalon Studio is successfully connected to Katalon TestOps, all relevant Katalon TestOps the Teams and Projects will be retrieved and displayed in the Teams and Projects drop-down menu. You can also create a  new project in Katalon TestOps if you're a team owner or admin, simply click the New Project button and enter a name for it.

  2. Select a team and project to which you will upload your test results. Here you can reload this part by clicking Fetch Projects.

  3. Click Apply and then OK to finish your configurations.

To verify if you have overridden the authentication successfully, on the top right corner, select your account > View Dashboard. You should be navigated to the project having been configured above.

Automatically upload test results

After configuring TestOps settings in Katalon Studio, starting running a test suite.

Your test results will be automatically uploaded to TestOps Center.