Katalon Help

Katalon Help has the ability to remember your last selected tab before closing Katalon Studio app

Katalon Studio has you covered. Katalon Team has designed a central help page just for you from TutorialFAQsUser Guides to Katalon Studio built-in Sample Projects or Recently opened projects.

Select Help > Katalon Help. The app will display Katalon Help page as shown below

On the left menu, click on any icon will take you directly to the respective page.

Getting Started

This will be the default tab when you first started Katalon Studio application. You can also choose to view the quick guide to perform Web UI, Mobile, or API testing, along with the Scripting feature in Katalon Studio. Click on any hyperlink word from each step will take you to its full instruction page.

Sample Projects

If you are not connected to the Internet, Katalon Studio provides 3 built-in Sample Projects: Web TestingMobile Testing, and Web Services Testing. Click on any preferred projects icon to create a new project accordingly.

If you are connected to the Internet, a list of available sample projects for you to try in the Katalon Help page. Just choose the one that you want to try out to import that project into Katalon Studio. Additionally, you can go to our GitHub repositories page by clicking on Explore...


This tab will display any recent opened Katalon Studio projects. If you are new to Katalon Studio, this tab will display the message "You haven't opened any projects recently."