Katalon Studio Licensing

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Starting from version 7.0.0, you need a license to activate and use one of the Katalon Studio products, including Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE), Katalon Studio (KS), and Runtime Engine (RE). To obtain a license, click here.

This section provides details on license types, license subscription, and license management. Learn more about KS, KSE, and RE here.

Katalon Studio License Types

There are three types of Katalon Studio licenses: trial, paid, and free licenses.

Trial License

A valid email registration is eligible for a 30-day trial of both KSE and RE. The KSE and RE trial licenses are automatically generated and activated when you first log in to the Katalon Studio application.

Each trial license can be activated on only one machine at a time. When your trial period expires, you need to subscribe to the paid license of each product to continue using it. Otherwise, the Katalon Studio free license will be automatically activated.

Notes: KSE and RE trial licenses can only be registered with business emails. Trial licenses do not support KSE offline activation, or offline RE.

For Katalon Studio Enterprise

KSE license is named license, meaning:

  • One license is exclusively assigned to one Katalon account/user.
  • One account can be activated/used on one machine at a time.
  • Licenses are transferable.
  • License activation and validation require an internet connection.

For offline environments, any license of the KSE annual subscription can be converted to a node-locked offline license. A computer ID is required to convert an annual license into an offline license. Once converted, the license will be removed from the KSE subscription and cannot be transferred to another machine or account until it is expired.

For Runtime Engine

RE license is a node-locked license. When running from the command-line interface (CLI), one working session accounts for one license equals to a conducted process.

  • One license is tied to one registered machine.
  • A machine can be mapped to multiple licenses if needed.
  • RE licenses are transferable to a new machine for online environments and are non-transferable for offline environments.

Online License vs. Offline License

KSE and RE online licenses are transferable among the organization's registered users as long as the active licenses do not exceed the license quota.

Offline licenses are for using KSE and RE without the internet. Once generated, the offline license will be irrevocable and cannot be terminated. Also, the expiration dates of offline licenses cannot be modified.

Notes: Offline license is only available for annual subscription.

Free License

The free license granted for each Katalon account only includes the standard Katalon Studio with basic features. Currently, the free license for RE is not available. If you wish to execute Katalon Studio in console mode, you need to subscribe to an RE license. You can upgrade the free KS to KSE with a paid license without having to re-download.

Learn more about license subscription and management:

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