Mobile on Windows

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Katalon Studio Supported Environment on Windows

You can only test an iOS application using macOS. If you wish to set up your macOS environment for Katalon Studio, please refer to this guide.

  • Appium: 1.12.1 onwards.
  • Android: 6.x onwards (official releases).

Installing Appium

To install Appium, follow these steps.


Make sure you install Node.js into a location where you have full Read and Write permissions.

Setting Up Your Devices

Turn on the phone's developer mode (go to SettingsDeveloper options).

Connect your Android phone to your computer via a USB cable.

Confirm if prompted to accept/trust the device.

In the Developer Options on your mobile user interface, enable:

  • USB debugging – Debug mode when USB is connected
  • Install via USB – Allow installing apps via USB
  • USB debugging (Security Setting) – Allow granting permissions and simulating input via USB debugging

Install Android SDK: Katalon Studio will detect and ask you to install Android SDK automatically if your current machine doesn't have it. Please allow Katalon Studio to install it in this case.

Verifiying the Setup

Open a Mobile Testing Sample Project (which is packaged in your Katalon Studio installation).

Execute a test suite using an Android device: 

Select your device from the Android Devices list. Click OK

If your test suite runs successfully, you will see the results in the test reports as follow:

For more information on how to run a test suite, check out the documentation here.


Once the setup is successful, follow the following guides to perform mobile testing in Katalon Studio

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Please refer to this troubleshooting tutorial

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