Private Plugins

Private plugins are Katalon plugins that are developed for private use. With private plugins supported, you can build, distribute, install, and use your own plugins without publishing them on Store for public access.


Build Private Plugins

If you don't know how to build a plugin that can be used in Katalon Studio, please refer to the documents on how to develop platform plugins and custom keywords plugins.

If you have already written custom keywords, then code reuse across projects can be achieved easily by distributing the keywords as plugins. This utility is especially helpful when you need to test a set of products that frequently encounter recurring problems. Before, you would have to copy and paste every custom keyword class from projects to projects. Whenever the implementation of the custom keyword changes, you would need to update that change in all projects. Now, you can deploy and install custom keyword plugins through only a few commands and manual steps.

Store Private Plugins

You need to store private plugins in <project_name>//Plugins for Katalon Studio to treat them as local plugins. There are two types of plugins: Platform and Custom Keyword. Noticeably, Platform plugins need storing in the Plugins//platform folder.

The Plugins folder's structure:



 |___ platform

         |___ IDE plugin 1.jar

         |___ IDE plugin 2.jar

         |___ ....

         |___ IDE plugin n.jar

 |___ Custom keyword plugin 1.jar

 |___ Custom keyword plugin 2.jar

 |___ ...

 |___ Custom keyword plugin n.jar

To use private plugins, please refer to the guide on how to use plugins offline.