RESTful (Pre-5.4)

Create REST Object

  1. Select File > New > Web Service Request from the main menu. The New Web Service Request dialog will be displayed.

    Provide the name for the new service request object, select RESTful as Request Type then click OK.

  2. A new service request object is created under Object Repository of Katalon Studio.

  3. In the opened editor of the new service request object, enter all required information.


    Request MethodThe request method indicates the expected action to be executed on the specified resource. Katalon Studio supports following methods for REST services: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.
    Request URLThe URL registered for the RESTful web service.
    ParametersAny parameter that you want to pass along with this RESTful request object.


    Credentials for HTTP authentication.

    Type: Basic, OAuth 1.0, or No Authorization


    HTTP Headers

    The header information that you want to transmit in this RESTful request object.

    You can select headers from the list of suggested options (by double clicking on the Name cell) or enter another header of your interest. Refer to Supported HTTP Headers for more details.

    HTTP Body

    The information that you want to transmit in this RESTful request object. You can enter directly or import content from external text files.


    The retrieved message from web service server when you click Test Request.

  4. Save the service request object when you're done. The service request defined here can be utilized in other test cases. Refer to Use WebService in Test Case for more details.