Run Test Case with an external data source

Katalon Studio provides the ability to execute automation test with external data sources.

Import an Excel file to Test Data

Refer to this article to learn how to create a new Excel Test Data in Katalon Studio. Data from the selected Excel file will be populated into the preview section like the below example.

Create a new Test Suite with Test Case Variables

Open a Test Suite, select Add from the command toolbar. All test cases in Katalon Studio will be displayed in the Test Case Browser dialog. The selected test case will be added to the test case list like the following example.

Manage Data Binding

  1. In the test suite editor, click Show Data Binding to expand the Data Binding section with the Test Data and Variable Binding tables.

  2. In the Test Data table, select Add > select the data to be used for execution > the selected test data are added to the list accordingly.

  3. In the Data Binding table which displays all variables of the selected test case, select all rows > choose Set Type > select Data Column as their types.

  4. Click Set Test Data to decide which test data from the list to be used for execution.

  5. Click each cell in the Value column to specify the data field in the selected data file. For example:

  6. After finishing all the steps above, save and run your test suite to see the following result:

Quick tip:

With the Map All button, you can quickly map the public variables of the selected test case with respective columns in the test data. To automatically bind the variable to the data, the variables and the respective columns in Test Data should share the same name.\

For example, the 'Username' and 'Password' variables of the selected test case can be mapped automatically with the 'Username' and 'Password' columns of the test data accordingly when you click Map All.