Running Cucumber Features File

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From a Feature File

Katalon Studio allows you to run the feature file instantly by itself to make sure it works properly. Open the desired Features file, click the Play button on the main toolbar.

In Test Cases

Katalon Studio supports Cucumber keywords along with the original built-in keywords. The user doesn't have to import Cucumber libraries into Katalon Studio.

To include Cucumber Feature file in Katalon Studio test case:

  1. Execute a single Feature File (with or without tags)
  1. Execute multiple Feature Files (with or without tags)
  1. Execute using Cucumber Runner.

Cucumber Reports

There is NO custom report for executing Feature File. Katalon Studio uses only generated Cucumber reports for Test Suite/Test Suite Collection execution level, in which the test cases contain the Cucumber Features file. The generated Cucumber report of Test Suite/Test Suite Collection will be located in the same folder of Katalon Studio report's folder:

  • In Katalon Studio Tests Explorer, right-click at the desired Report > Open Containing Folder. Katalon Studio will redirect you to the local folder where Cucumber Reports are stored. 
  • Katalon Studio supports three formats for Cucumber reports: 
    • JSON
    • XML
    • HTML

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