Setup/Teardown for Test Suite and Test Case

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Available since Katalon Studio v5.3

For full lifecycle of Tests in Katalon Studio, refer to this documentation.

Every test suite from your projects now has been equipped with the ability to run either SetUp or Teardown methods, which are groups of your own defined test steps before or after executing a Test Suite. This feature is another great extension besides Test Listener to extend your current testing flow as much as possible.

There will a new tab called 'Script' in Test Suite's interface. This interface will generate sample Setup and TearDown methods to be used.

Supported methods

MethodDescriptionTrigger ConditionCommon Usages
setUpSetup test suite environment

Before executed test suites

Prepare testing environment

Call required test cases for the executed test suite

setUpTestCaseRun before each test case startsBefore executed test cases
tearDownClean test suites environmentAfter executed test suites

Clean-up testing environment

Call TearDown test cases for the executed test suite



tearDownTestCaseRun after each test case endsAfter executed test cases

How it works

By default, these Setup and Teardown methods will not be triggered even if they match with provided trigger condition above. You need to set skipped value from true to false to activate related methods.

Methods consideration

  • Execution progress from these methods still have execution logs as usual and they will be stored in execution logs files of Katalon Studio.

  • You can't see setUp and teardown executed reports from generated Test Suite report. Only setUpTestCase and tearDownTestCase can be seen in generated Test Suite report

  • Test Listeners will always be triggered first if you define both Test Listeners and activate Setup / Teardown methods at the same time.

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