Slack Integration Plugin

Configure Slack plugin

Go to Project > Setting > Plugin. Check the Using Slack checkbox. Next, provide all required information. Click Test Connection to make sure Katalon Studio and Slack are integrated.

Once the connection from Katalon Studio to your Slack team space has been successfully established, you can verify as below:

Obtain Slack OAuth authentication token

Log in to your Slack team space and navigate to the Slack API App. Then create a Katalon Studio app.

Click on OAuth & Permissions

Scroll down to the Scopes section.
Under Select Permission Scopes, choose all options: Send messages as Katalon Studio, Send messages as user, and Access information about user's public channels > Save Changes. An authentication token will be generated.

Note: If you forget to define Scopes to the chatbot, you will have to reinstall the app and define Scopes again.

Obtain Slack Legacy token

Under Slack ‘Settings’, navigate to the Legacy Tokens page > click Create token.
You may see the Request token if the Approved Apps feature is turned on for your workspace.

Note. After the configuration, messages will be automatically sent from Katalon Studio Slack Plugin once the test suite has been successfully executed.