How to use Katalon Studio for TeamCity

This tutorial shows you the step by step guide on how to install and run Katalon for TeamCity for Web UI Testing.


See how to install and configure the TeamCity server here. Install Katalon Studio for TeamCity. See how to install TeamCity plugins here.

Enable the plugin

Since TeamCity 2018.2, to enable plugin after installation, click the plugin context menu and select Load. The plugin will be enabled without server restart.

Configuration steps

One you have installed the plugin, you will need to configure Execute Katalon Studio Test task to complete the integration.

  1. Create and configure a new project in TeamCity. Read more on TeamCity’s instructions to create a new project here.

  2. In TeamCity, select Katalon as Build runner type.

  3. Regarding the Command Arguments, you can enter the arguments directly in the text area or generate them from your in use Katalon Studio. Please leave out any irrelevant arguments such as -runmode.

  1. X11 DISPLAY and Xvfb-run configuration If you want to learn more about xvfb-run configuration please see its manual. If you are not sure, only change the resolution 1024x768x24 and leave other options as-is.

See Common Configuration for more details.

  1. Now everything is set up and ready to be built.