Test Case Management With Tags

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Easily manipulate tag properties for better test case management

  • Utilize existing tag values, separate tag tokens by comma or semicolon
  • View all tags in the project
  • Easily append existing tags to test case without typo mistakes

Append & manage tags

Open a test case > Properties > input tag values; separate them by colon or semi-colon if applicable.

In case the tag properties have already had value, the tag token will be automatically separated by colons and semi-colons. Open a test case > Properties > Click Manage Tags > select tags to append > click Append Tags

Please note that the existing tags cannot be removed by unchecking the boxes, this feature is just for appending tags to test cases.

Search For Test Cases With Multiple Tags

This feature will be enabled in Query Provider of Dynamic Querying Test Suite after you successfully install Test Case Management With Tags plugins.

To search for test artifacts labeled with Multiple Tags, directly type on the search box follow this syntax: Tags = (NameOfTag1, NameOfTag2)

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