Test Suite Collection Report

Starting from version 6.3.0, reports can be viewed directly inside each Test Suite Collection page.

For example:

Deprecated Content

Once a test suite collection finishes its execution, a historical report will be automatically generated and stored in Reports. 

For example:

The report will be named with following the naming convention: YYYYMMDD_HHmmss, which is the datetime when the test suite collection starts its execution.

Test Suite Collection Report

In Test Suite Collection page, click on Result tab to view its details:


Field Description
ID The ID of the executed test suite in Katalon Studio.
Environment The environment which the test suite is executed on.
Status Information about whether the execution is completed or not.
Failed Tests / Total Total test cases in the test suite and the number of failed test cases if any.
Test Suite Details Click on this link to be redirected to detailed report of the test suite.

Export to other formats

For the purpose of sharing, users can export reports of a Test Suite Collection to HTML format. View more details.