Test Suite Collection

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A Test Suite Collection contains a list of test suites to allow users more options for planning their test execution. 

Manage Execution Information

You can manage additional configurations for test suite collection execution by expanding the Execution Information section, as below:



The order to execute test suites within the collection.

  • Sequential: the test suites will be executed one after another.
  • Parallel: the test suites will be executed at the same time.

Manage Test Suite List

You can add a test suite into a collection by following the steps below:

  1. Open a test suite collection, then select an option to add Add Test Suite from command toolbar.

  2. All test suites in Katalon Studio are displayed in Test Suite Browser. Select your test suites to be executed then click OK.

  3. The selected test suites will be added to the test suite collection accordingly


    Run with

    The environment to be executed with the Test Suite.

    Run configuration

    Extra information for executing with the selected environment.

    For example: Select mobile devices to be executed for Android environment

    ProfileExecution Profile that contains all variables values for each Test Suite execution.
    RunThis is checked by default. It means that the test case will be executed when running the collection.

    You can add one test suite to the collection multiple times. This is particularly helpful when the users want to execute the same suite on different environments.

Execute a Test Suite Collection

  1. To run a Test Suite Collection, click Execute at toolbar as illustrated below:

  2. All test suites will be executed accordingly.

  3. Data of historical execution can be found in Reports. Refer to Test Suite Collection Report for more details.

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