TestRail Integration

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TestRail plugin establishes the connection between Katalon Studio project and TestRail to synchronize tests, map test cases, and update test execution results in real time.

Note: To get TestRail plugin, visit Katalon Store.

Please make sure your TestRail is configured correctly. See TestRail documentation for more information.

After the plugin has been installed from Katalon Store, go to Katalon Studio and click Reload Plugins. Learn more on how to reload plugins.

Connect to TestRail

Enter URL , username , password , and ID of an existing project in TestRail. Click Apply to save. To find the project ID, open your project in TestRail > view the TestRail Project URL.

Map test cases in Katalon to test cases in TestRail

Choose one Test case -> integration tab -> enter ID of test case in TestRail -> Save

Sending result to TestRail

After running a Test Suite in Katalon, depends on the name of Test Suite, a corresponding Test Run in TestRail will be created or updated.

Let's look at examples below:

Test Suite is existing in both Katalon Studio and TestRail

Test Suite's name starts with R_ID (ex R1, R123, ...). The result will be sent to Test Run has that ID.


  • Katalon Studio's Test Suite: R1
  • Test Rail: Update Test Rail

Test Suite is existing in Katalon Studio but NOT in TestRail

A new Test Run will be created with Test Suite's name starts with S_ID (ex S1, S123, ...).

  • Katalon Studio's Test Suite: S1
  • Test Rail: NEW Test Run in Test Suite S1 is created



Query TestRail in Dynamic Test Suite Querying

Learn more about Dynamic Querying Test Suite.

Enter Test Run ID. The result will be a list of Katalon Test Case in that Test Run.

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