Unique Capabilities

You can find out what distinguish Katalon Studio from other testing tools in the following documentation.

Application Under Test (AUT) Testing Combination
Katalon Studio allows combining multiple application types (Web UI, API, Mobile & Desktop) in one project and execution flow. This capability will leverage each testing type's advantages and help users reflect their real execution flow across different devices.
Dual-editor interface
Users can both generate and update test scripts in Katalon Studio with the manual or scripting interfaces. The manual interface built for using codeless utilities is the best suited for testers without or limited programming skills. Meanwhile, the scripting interface is designed for programmers with advanced capabilities and customizations. Katalon Studio test scripts are interchangeable between the two modes. This enables a team with a mixed level of automation testing skills to work effectively and efficiently in the same project.
Object locators are commonly broken or unable to identify the target element when the application under test (AUT) changes. Hence creating and using correct and resilient locators are crucial to the success of Web UI test automation. Since 7.0, Katalon Studio has launched an advanced and comprehensive Self-healing mechanism to tackle the broken locator issue during execution. We hope this powerful utility reduces your test maintenance effort substantially, exceptionally when the test cases run in batch overnight. Learn more
Smart Wait
For those who are familiar with Selenium WebDriver, one of the most common features is the Wait commands. These commands are handy in test scripts execution or observing and troubleshooting issues that arise due to time lag. Wait commands are powerful — but they also come with a big timing problem due to front-end processing. We introduced the Smart Wait feature in v7.0 to handle Selenium wait issues without any additional test scripts. Learn more
Time Capsule
To reduce the manual effort of re-capturing a broken test object when a test fails, Katalon Studio 7.8 supports restoring the AUT to the state on failure due to locators not finding Web UI objects. This robust capability equips you with a "time capsule" for fixing broken objects, reducing reproduction effort, and cutting off time spent on troubleshooting and maintaining your test scripts. Learn more.