Video Capturing

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  • K-Lite Codec is recommended to play the Katalon Studio test execution video.

  • Support execution at Test Suite level.

  • Support all browsers except for Remote, Headless, Kobiton, Custom. For remote or headless browsers, it's recommended to use Katalium Server to view captured sessions.

  • Recording parallel execution is NOT supported yet

Debugging can be time-consuming and challenging for many automation testers. Katalon Studio helps solve this problem by supporting users with the ability to capture test execution via video format. Users can enable video capturing feature in Project Settings.

Follow the steps below to see how to work with Katalon Studio video capturing feature

  1. After creating a test suite in Katalon Studio, select Project > Settings to open the Project Settings dialog box. Navigate to the Report section.

  2. Check the "Enable Video Recorder during execution" option. By default, Katalon Studio only captures Failed test cases. However, users can select options to capture only the Passed/Failed test cases or both.

    Video settings can be specified based on the preferences of users. Katalon Studio recommends AVI (.avi) format and low quality to save disk space. The higher the video quality is, the bigger the file size is.

  • Video format: AVI (.avi) or MOV (.mov)

  • Video quality: Low; Medium or High

  1. After executing the test suite, navigate to the Result tab, you can view the list of test cases in the test cases table with its video attached accordingly. Click on the play icon in the 'Video' column to play the video. Test steps descriptions are embedded as a subtitle. For example, please take a look at below screenshot

By watching how the automated test was executed, the testing team can identify exactly where the test failed. Thus, time and resources are managed more efficiently and effectively.

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