Version 4.3

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Object Spy

Highlight Object

Katalon Studio extends Object Spy capabilities to help users in detecting whether test objects exist on the application under test just by a simply press on Highlight Object button.


Control all generated browsers

Ability to continue executing your test scripts on any browser or mobile session launched by Katalon Studio, allow users to run automation test on existing environment.


  • Does not support Safari
  • Only support 1 session for Microsoft Edge

Select any test step for execution

Tired of seeing test scripts be executed from the beginning before reaching to a certain step? This feature will save users hours of debugging.

Test Case

Drag and drop Test Objects

By dragging any of your test objects into current scripting editor, the test object's path will be generated automatically. Thus, saving users alot of time in manually typing its references.

User Interface

Flat Icons

Completely reworked all icons.

Menu Reordering

Main menu items are reordered. Project > Properties is renamed as Project > Project Information and located as a sub-item within Project > Settings menu.

Properties view

This version adds Properties view to help users accessing information of test artifacts quickly. 

Revise Browser selector in Object Spy/ Record

Browsers are grouped under respective categories. Selected browser will also be indicated by corresponding icons.

New web service's object interface

Revised web service object interface provide users a much simpler and straightforward form to define new webservice objects.

Performance Improvement

Reduce time to open large project or lengthy test cases 

Open test case and project is much faster. The performance when opening test case and project are improved dramatically.

Reduce memory usage

Katalon Studio now consumes less memory during operation.

Katalon Agent

Non-UI version of Katalon Studio is now available! It serves best as a standalone console mode execution. It's available in following versions: Mac OSX, Windows 64 and Windows 32.

Console Mode Generator

Remember last selection

Our console mode generator will now remember the last selected options. Saving users the trouble of re-selecting some general options again.

New Keyword 


This keyword helps retrieving CSS value of an element.

Get CSS value of a web element
           the current, computed value of the property
           to - represent the web element
           css - represent the css property name of the element

qTest Integration

Separate execution's log

Katalon Studio will only upload logs for selected test cases instead of the whole test suite as in previous version.

User Contributed Notes