Version 4.4

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Object Spy / Record

Katalon Utility

This extension provides the ability to capture web elements displayed in Chrome browser. Captured objects will then be loaded to Katalon Studio for post processing.

After installing this Chrome extension, Katalon users can start spying objects (or recording test cases) on the current open Chrome browser by selecting the Active Browsers option in Spy (or Record) dialog of Katalon Studio.   

This is particularly helpful in case when the user needs to capture things on his current browser quickly. With the support of Katalon Utility, the user does not have to open a new browser from Katalon Studio and go thru all the steps just to reach his targeted website.

Start session at defined URL

From this release, users can specify the initial web address of new browsers with Starting URL field.

Web Services Testing

Improved Editor

Completely new and overhauled SOAP/REST object editor that could be utilized as a viable option for your Web Services testing.

Mobile Testing

Update mobile testing engine

Mobile Testing Core is updated to be compatible with the new Appium 1.6 and Xcode 8 on macOS Sierra (10.12). You can now perform your test on latest Android 7 and iOS 10. The setup for mobile has been updated for this upgrade. Please refer to this guide for more details.


Users with proxy network had been troubled activating Katalon Studio. Katalon Studio now provide an option so that users can setup proxy for online activation.

Console Mode

Support Test Suite Collection execution

Katalon Studio now extends console mode execution capabilites to support test suite collection. Users can also generate commands for Test Suite Collection execution using Command Builder.

General Improvement

**Performance Improvement **

Optimize performance of Katalon Studio when working under heavy duty. System memory will be released accordingly in case of running automation test with many processing activities such as capturing screenshots, writing log...constantly.

New Welcome page & Sample Projects

Welcome page now have links to help new users access useful resources quickly. The simplified Sample Projects will be good references for those who seek to get a quick experience with Katalon Studio.

Git menu relocating

Git options are relocated from Katalon menu to main toolbar so that user could access the functions quickly.

User Contributed Notes