Version 4.5

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General Improvement

**Help links to documentation **

Users are provided with context help links to quickly navigate to documentation from corresponding UIs. The quick links are available at multiple locations which includes the following major interfaces:

  • Test Case Editor
  • Test Suite Editor
  • Test Object Editor
  • Test Data Editor
  • Reports
  • Record Dialog
  • Object Spy Dialog

Command Palette

This special context menu, triggered by the **Ctrl + Alt + C **key combination, displays all useful links so that users can refer to whenever needed.

Submit Issues

This feature saves users the trouble of going to support channels or forum whenever they want to report bugs. Now you can send issues directly from Katalon Studio.

Close Project

Added option to let users close the current project.

Script Mode

Improved Content Assist when scripting

Autocomplete now support more suggestion during typing for Keywords Libraries, API Class Names and Variable Names to help speeding up your scripting routines. 

Manual Mode

Improve usability

Use TAB (or Shift+TAB) to navigate to next/previous cells. 


Parallel Execution

You can now manually start multiple web automation tests on different connected iPhone devices for parallel execution.

Test Suite

**Reorganizing Test Suite UI **

Added option to expand/collapse Data Binding section to simplify layout and improve content readability. 


**Reorganizing Report UI **

Added option to expand/collapse Log Details section to simplify layout and improve content readability.

Renaming Reports

Reports of Katalon Studio now can be changed to different name.

User Contributed Notes