Version 5.4.1

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Fixes bugs

  • Fix an issue where Tests Explorer is not displayed when restoring last working session.
  • Fix some issues regarding Test Suite Collection HTML report.
  • Fix an issue where email report can't be sent to recipients.
  • Correct browser's information in Test Suite HTML report when Microsoft Edge is used for execution.
  • Fix an issue where the executed browser is closed upon executing a test case.
  • Fix migration issue of where HTTP Body with POST method is not transferred when opening project with version 5.4.
  • Fix an issue of cannot send API Request due to NullPointerExeception using specific Request URL.
  • Modify setHttPBody & getHttpBody deprecated methods to function properly in version 5.4.
  • Fix issues where Execution Profile/Global Variables does not work properly in Test Case Variables.

User Contributed Notes