Version 5.5

Improved Web Recorder

The new Web Recorder will have a similar interface to Test Case View. With the new Recorder, you can:

  • Continue recording existing test cases to minimize the hassle of re-recording long and complex tests.
  • Edit test cases during recording so that the recording process can be optimized. 
  • Run test steps in the Recorder interface, making sure the recorded steps are executable.
  • Merge and override test objects after recording, optimizing the object repositories.

Beginner Friendly

We've been working hard to make additional sample projects on our public Katalon GitHub repository. The Welcome page will list all of these projects automatically and you can select which sample project you would like to refer. The Katalon Team aims to give you a richer experience with Katalon Studio by utilizing these dynamic sample projects, along with the lists of Tips and Tricks that we have curated.

Share Custom Keywords

If you want to share your custom keywords within your team or to the community, Katalon Studio 5.5 introduces Import/Export Keywords to help you quickly grab your favorite custom keywords from outside resources or share your own.

Extend Web Service Object

Enhancement within the Web Service object's view to help you execute your verification snippets on the fly.

Issues Fixed 

  • Failed status is not generated for 'verifyElementInViewport' keyword.
  • Prevent 'Unable to resolve class internal.GlobalVariable' error from happening frequently. 
  • Correct hotkeys display for Object Spy in case users change it.
  • Missing email reports when executing a Test Suite Collection in parallel mode.
  • Generated reports can't be deleted after users view them.