Version 5.7.0

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Cucumber Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Testing Support

Katalon Studio 5.7 introduces all-new BDD testing capability allowing Business stakeholders to get involved in the testing process. Tests can be defined in the simple spoken language instead of technical language, called Gherkin. The product team members can start writing test cases as specifications in Katalon Studio and the development team can pick-up right after, a more efficient development life cycle. Thus, the project team will have a better understanding of the requirements and also promote collaboration between the business stakeholders and the rest of the team. 

Key Features

  • Feature files are stored and displayed in Katalon Studio project structure
  • Step definitions are implemented in Script Mode with hundreds of built-in keyword for reusability
  • Easy-to-manage Feature files as Katalon Studio test artifacts structure

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Smart XPath Generator

Most Web UI tests fail because the elements cannot be located in the application under test. Katalon Studio 5.7 offers a new object selector, Relative XPath to help increase the possibility of successfully identifying an object. The new improved Record Web Utility has also been equipped with better record engine. This makes Katalon Studio more responsive to users' actions, ensuring every key action is captured. Read more about Katalon Smart XPath.

Key Features

  • Locates Web elements by clustering visualization.
  • Preserves the relationship between an element and its indicator in an item. 
  • Generates reliable locators to reduce test script maintenance cost.

Support variables for API Testing

Adding a Variables tab to the Web Service Object details view to further supports parameterization, making the API Testing process easier. Pre-defined variables will be mapped automatically when selecting Web Service object from Manual Mode, so the users don't need to define them again manually, cutting down the chance of missing requirement variables.

In-app Sign up and Activate Katalon Studio

Users no longer have to register a Katalon account on the website to activate Katalon product. Simply download the Katalon Studio application, sign up, and activate. Everything happens right inside the app.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Move Profiles to the top of Tests Explorer
  • Remove Quick Guide slides
  • Fix an issue related to 'Unable to resolve internally.GlobalVariables class' error

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