Version 5.8

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Introducing all-new API/Web Service Testing Project

The release of Katalon Studio 5.8 introduces the new API/Web Service testing project with exclusive features including Web Service Quickstart wizard, Import Swagger 2.0 or WSDL definition File/URL directly, or retrieve Request History at any time. This significantly improved allows you to separate the API/Web Service testing from Web UI and Mobile testing - less confusion for your projects.

The API/Web Service project is specialized designed to help you to accelerate automation tasks in Katalon Studio. The update also comes with a new interface, including a new toolbar and view that serve only for API/Web Service testing.

Creating or Importing Web Service request instantly with Quick Start Wizard

The QuickStart wizard allows you to quickly Import Swagger 2.0/WSDL definition or Create Draft REST/SOAP request to try out with variation of testing data requirements. When importing web service definition, Katalon Studio will load specified information and populated into your project so you don't have to spend time converting them manually. This wizard can be relaunched anytime in Help > Quick Start

Request History

All web service requests sending in Katalon Studio are stored in the Request History panel in which you can retrieve anytime.

Adding Web Service request directly to new or existing Test Case

The web service request object can be added directly to test case from the object details view. There are two options available

  • Add to new Test Case
  • Add to existing Test Case

Support PATCH HTTP method

Katalon Studio now support PATCH HTTP method to help you apply a partial modification to resources. 

Fixed Bugs

  • Fix an issue where local URL can't be used for SOAP request.
  • Remove error message displayed when users create a new sample project.

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