Version 6.0

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Introducing Katalon Store Integration

Katalon Store is a platform that leads users to the world of amazing plugins for Katalon Studio. This is also a collaborative marketplace for both end-users and developers to build add-on products, in order to maximize Katalon Studio's test automation capabilities. Katalon Store website is available at

Each plugin in Katalon Store comes with a detailed description so that you can preview the functions and features before installing.

If you cannot find the suitable add-on to your wish, you are welcomed to be the publisher with the Publish A New Plugin and Manage Published Plugins functions.

Download, Manage, and Search for Plugins from Your Katalon Studio

Directly linked to your Katalon Studio app., all of the installed plugins can be easily reloaded and managed from your local device. Learn more here

Install Executable JAR File Plugins

Katalon allows you to install executable JAR plugins right on the Quick Access Toolbar. In case these JAR files are already available on your computer, you can easily install them by navigating to Plugin > Install Plugin.

Fixed bugs & Improvements

  • Fixed remembering chosen test cases issue in Test Case Browser model
  • Fixed duplicating added test case to a test suite issue
  • Allow to run a test suite with duplicated test cases using data binding
  • Fixed an issue where Automatically check for new version does not work with unchecked
  • Fixed an issue where SWTException thrown when clicking 'Capture Object'
  • Fixed an issue on swipe command, losing objects references
  • Fixed SwipeKeyword and TapAtPositionKeyword that didn't work properly
  • Improve new project pop-up UI

User Contributed Notes