Version 6.1.0

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Custom Keyword Plugin

Introducing Custom Keyword Plugin for Katalon Studio v6.1.0 for collaboration. Custom Keywords now can be shared among the project team or to the world via Katalon Store. Simply Create. Upload. and Share!

Fixed Bugs & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where project having many GlobalVariables cannot be opened - More details 
  • Fixed merging Objects to Object Repository issue - More details 
  • Removed dialogs when Katalon Studio is closed - More details 
  • Fixed an issue where RunConfiguration cannot be functioned - More details 
  • Fixed an issue where the report is overlapped when running Test Suite Collection inCommand Line Mode - More details 
  • Fixed an issue where copied console log contains special characters - More details 
  • Implemented a few adjustments on Katalon Studio UI
  • Fixed an issue with loading Custom Keyword plugin - More details .

User Contributed Notes