Version 6.3.0

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Version 6.3.0

New Features


  • Allow Test Reports to be viewed directly in Test Suite and Test Suite Collection Views in Result Tab. See Test Suite Report or Test Suite Collection Report.
  • Support sending custom headers in SOAP requests.
  • Directly parameterize Global variables in Test Objects. See Global Variables.
  • Allow implementing variable binding without converting test data to strings. See Enhanced Variable Binding.
  • Support implementing an annotation called BeforeTestDataBindToTestCase in test listener. See [Quick tip] Enhanced Variable Binding.
  • Support Move up and Move down items in the default profile. See Global Variables.
  • Support quickly setting up your devices by displaying sub-menus of Android, iOS and Kobiton devices in Mobile Spy and Recorder tool items.
  • Enhancement: Remove the -- disable-extensions argument from Chrome Desired Capabilities.
  • Support Chrome version 76.


  • Bug: Test object references are displayed incorrectly when new test objects are created from the existing ones.
  • Bug: The scroll bar disappears in the Variables section.
  • Bug: Incorrectly detect and highlight Mobile Test Objects when using Mobile Recorder or Mobile Object Spy.
  • Bug: Incorrectly detect Test Objects’ locations when using Mobile Recorder or Mobile Object Spy.
  • Bug: Cannot record additional items when using Web Recorder on existing test cases.
  • Bug: Cannot activate Katalon Studio after resetting the password.
  • Bug: Cannot load test steps in Manual View of a test case when Initially open Test Case in Script view is set by default.
  • Bug: Cannot run test cases with Microsoft Edge 18.0 on BrowserStack.
  • Bug: Katalon Studio always uses Xpath as a default element locator instead of Web Locators defined by users.
  • Bug: Continue Recording silently deletes WebService parameters.
  • Bug: The new checkpoint dialog box is not resizable and does not display all UI elements on Windows 10.
  • Bug: The Sender field is empty when users send an email.
  • Bug: An issue related to running a test suite with too large test data.
  • Bug: NullPointerException occurs when using Web Recorder on an empty test case.
  • Bug: Global Variables initialization fails when an existing WebDrivers’ instance is used in a custom profile.
  • Bug: "Bind to test case as string" checkbox in Test Data is always checked while a test suite is executed.
  • Bug: Slow performance of adding Variables to test cases.
  • Bug: HAR files fail to be logged when the SendRequestAndVerify keyword is used.
  • Bug: The TapAtPosition keyword fails to run.

User Contributed Notes