Version 6.3.4 (Beta)

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Version 6.3.4 (Beta)

Katalon Studio version 6.3.4 (beta) is available, click here to download.

New Features


  • Add plugins reloading options to the Project Settings.
  • Support parsing the Request Message’s template from the associated XSD file when importing test objects from WSDL.
  • Support adding the Organisation ID parameter to the Command Generator.
  • Support selecting a Katalon Analytics's organization on the activation.
  • Enhancement: Add some JVM options to reduce Katalon Studio’s memory consumption.
  • Support a hotkey of Spy Utility in Web Recorder to capture objects. Learn more.


  • Bug: The Log Viewer’s cursor incorrectly renders when selecting a log message.
  • Bug: Newly added variables disappear after a switch from the Variable tab to another tab.
  • Bug: An issue related to Variable binding when the data contains special characters.
  • Bug: The Delay keyword doesn't work when the passing data is BigDecimal.

User Contributed Notes