Version 7.0

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Version 7.0.0-7.0.6

 Katalon Studio 7.0 is currently available. Click here to download.

New Features

Changes and Improvements

  • [Web Service] Encode special characters in query parameters.
  • Revert IEDriverServer from 3.141.59 to 3.6.0.
  • [Console mode] The katalon launcher is replaced by katalonc and there is a separate app named Katalon Studio Runtime Engine for executing Katalon Studio in console mode. Click here to download.
  • Convert qTest and Kobiton built-in integrations into plugins.
  • Display errors of test scripts in the Problems view.
  • Support ChromeDriver version 77 and IEDriverServer version 3.141.59.
  • Show a full stack trace of an exception thrown by custom classes in Test Hooks.
  • Support manually uploading test suite collections' results to Katalon TestOps.
  • [Web Service] Support passing proxy details through the script. Learn more.
  • Update documents of Katalon Studio API Specification to version 7.0.0.
  • Upgrade Apache POI to version 3.17.
  • Dynamic Querying Test Suite is renamed Dynamic Test Suite.
  • Add plugins reloading options to the Project Settings.
  • Support parsing the Request Message's template from the associated XSD file when importing test objects from WSDL.
  • Support adding the Organisation ID parameter to the Command Generator.
  • Support selecting a Katalon TestOps's organization on the activation.
  • Enhancement: Add some JVM options to reduce Katalon Studio's memory consumption.
  • Support a hotkey of Spy Utility in Web Recorder to capture objects. Learn more.
  • Update Quick Start in Katalon Studio after activation.
  • Support adding .gitignore and build.gradle files when creating a project.
  • Support uploading reports with pdf, HTML, CSV formats (generated by Basic Report plugin) to Katalon TestOps. Learn more.
  • Support submitting test run results with captured videos to Katalon TestOps. Learn more.
  • Support uploading the *.rp file to Katalon TestOps to parse more information on test results.
  • Support creating a test plan right from the test suite collection screen in Katalon Studio to enhance the integration of Katalon Studio with Katalon TestOps. Learn more.
  • Support uploading Project Code from Katalon Studio to Katalon TestOps. Learn more.
  • Update the integration mechanism with Katalon TestOps. Learn more.
  • Update the integration configurations with Katalon TestOps when a new project is created.
  • Support auto-filling the input of Katalon API Key in the command-line generator.
  • Support generating test results in JUnit format.
  • Support uploading reports of test suite collections to Katalon TestOps.
  • Remove unnecessary information in the console log when users execute in the console mode for the first time.
  • Support passing more information to the console mode execution with --info -buildLabel="text" -buildURL="text". See General Options in Console Mode Execution.
  • Upgrade the activation mechanism in Katalon Studio to seamlessly integrate with Katalon TestOps. See Activate Katalon Studio.
  • Merge the Plugins menu into the Tools menu.
  • Support MySQL Database version 8.0.17.
  • Support automatically reloading plugins when opening a project.


  • Bug: [DDT] Cannot get values from data files with database type in a test case.
  • Bug: Cannot log in to Katalon Studio with passwords containing special characters.
  • Bug: [Web Service] SOAP response has an empty header.
  • Bug: Cannot reload plugins with credentials containing special characters.
  • Bug: The Results tab of Test Suites/Test Suite Collection fails to automatically refresh after the first execution.
  • Bug: Show references of test objects fails to display the objects' references in global variables and test case variables.
  • Bug: Cannot send SOAP requests when WSDL files contain the relative xsi:schemaLocation.
  • Bug: [WebUI Keyword] The WebUI.clickImage keyword fails to perform.
  • Bug: [Web Service] getCurrentRequest() always gets default values instead of a variable's values passed from test case.
  • Bug: Incorrectly return code when Follow redirects is disabled in Web Service Request. More details.
  • Bug: Cannot save modifications in the configuration tab of the Web Service Request.
  • Bug: Cannot detect mobile test objects having parameterized global variables in their properties.
  • Bug: [Console Mode] To retry executing failed test cases in Test Suite Collection fails to return the correct exit code.
  • Bug: [Data Binding] An issue causes binding Variables to Test Data to fail.
  • Bug: [WebService] Verification Editor doesn't keep Unicode characters.
  • Bug: [Mobile Testing] Cannot retry executing failed test cases.
  • Bug: Web service response displays garbled text as non-Latin characters.
  • Bug: [Basic Report Plugin] CSV Report status is always Incomplete.
  • Bug: The Log Viewer’s cursor incorrectly renders when selecting a log message.
  • Bug: Newly added variables disappear after a switch from the Variable tab to another tab.
  • Bug: An issue related to Variable binding when the data contains special characters.
  • Bug: The Delay keyword doesn't work when the passing data is BigDecimal.
  • Bug: Har files disappear after having been opened for the first time with the current Web Service object.
  • Bug: [Custom Keyword] an issue related to the default package name when users create a keyword without entering a package name.
  • Bug: [Katalon TestOps] Cannot navigate to the URL configured by users in View Execution History.
  • Bug: [Katalon TestOps] an issue related to the error message when users create a new project for the invited team without permission.
  • Bug: [GlobalVariable] Cannot execute a script with a profile that has a Global Variable with invalid syntax.
  • Bug: [WebUI Keywords] The verifyElementPresent() and verifyElementNotPresent() keywords should return false instead of throwing an exception when the verified elements do not exist.
  • Bug: The Delay between actions fails to perform as configured.
  • Bug: An issue causes callTestCase to fail.
  • Bug: findWebElements fails when the Default wait for element timeout is set to 0 in the Execution Settings.
  • Bug: [Web Recorder] An issue related to the Cannot save entity: file path length limit exceeded. error when saving test objects.
  • Bug: Custom Keywords are not displayed in the Recent keywords after being used.
  • Bug: An issue related to renaming a folder with uppercase or lowercase characters. More details.

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