Release Notes - 8.x

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Official Release - Version 8.1.0

New features


  • [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Improved the Retry Failed Executions Immediately feature and Introduced the consolidated execution reports to address test flakiness. See Retry Failed Execution Immediately.
  • [Azure DevOps Integration] Introduced an option to submit Release Information together with Test Run to Azure DevOps. See Integration with Azure DevOps Test Plans
  • [Kobiton Integration] Introduced custom remote server and device name functionality. See Mobile Testing with Kobiton Devices
  • Added Chrome 92 compatibility.
  • Added Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 92 compatibility.
  • [Plugin] Introduced new APIs for the Plugin platform. See new APIs list
  • Performance: Reduced time to open a Test Case with many variables.
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Passed a path to the Android SDK root folder by using ANDROID_HOME environment variable. See Specify a path to Android SDK root folder


  • Fixed UI issues:
    • [Azure DevOps] Expanding Submission Options broke the UI.
    • [TestOps] Creating new files with TestOps broke the UI.
    • Expanding Execution Information broke the UI.
    • [macOS Big Sur] Could not switch to Object Properties View.
    • [macOS Big Sur] Text of selected items on table and tree were hidden.
    • [macOS Big Sur] Could not update Log Viewer when the execution items were changed on the Job Progress.
    • [Mobile Object Spy] Fixed typo error "Application ID".
    • [Mobile] An issue of displaying device ID instead of device name in the Progress bar.
    • [Mobile] An incorrect UI thrown when opening Object from the script.
    • [API Testing] An issue of displaying incorrect redirect link to "Customize API method".
    • Could not display test steps after recording.
    • Clarified warning message for when broken Test Object could not be moved.
    • Options in "Retry after executing all" were disabled when generating command.
    • Fixed labels and added referral link in the Library Management.
  • Fixed Report issues:
    • An incorrect test status thrown when finish executing in the BDD Report.
    • An issue of displaying incorrect in-line color and icon for failed test steps in the Report and Report Viewer when using assertion.
    • Skipped Test Cases were marked as Passed in HTML report.
    • [Cucumber] Executed steps were not displaying correctly in the Console log.
    • Duplicated information in the Event log.
    • An incorrect response thrown when users cancel the Export Report.
    • Could not configure Report in Project Setting without internet connection.
  • Bug: [Slack Integration] Failed to connect to Slack.
  • Bug: [TestRail Integration] Solved issues with Project Settings.
  • Bug: [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Could not select Run and Debug from here in specific cases.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] Failed to replace excluded built-in libraries with external libraries.
  • Bug: [API Testing] An incorrect response thrown when leaving the parameter blank in the request URL path.
  • Bug: [API Testing] Could not change object status after updating query parameters in Web Service object.
  • Bug: waitForImagePresent returned False despite the image appearing correctly.
  • Bug: verifyElementPropertyValue returned an incorrect error message.
  • Bug: An error message thrown when continuing to record scripts with an existing test case returned error messages incorrectly.
  • Bug: An issue of deleting script when using customized keywords with incorrect values.
  • Bug: Could not link an existing Window Object to Window built-in keyword.
  • Bug: Could not activate Katalon Studio by providing email with extra spacing.
  • Bug: Browser-based recorder could not record videos for the second test case if reusing an open browser.
  • Bug: Explorer Configuration in Project Settings was not working as intended.

Version 8.0.5



  • Fixed Katalon Docker Image not sending reports to Katalon TestOps.
  • Fixed issues with Custom Keywords where:
    • Back and Forth navigation in the Editor was not working.
    • Hyperlink was not working.
    • Javadoc was not working.
    • The Declaration of the keyword could not be opened.
    • [Cucumber] Custom Keywords in Step definitions were not working.
  • Bug: Resolved activation issue of Enterprise-exclusive plugins.
  • Bug: Resolved Test Suite stopped executing after some test cases.
  • Fixed reports parsing issues:
    • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Could not generate and submit JUnit report to Katalon TestOps.
    • Could not generate reports due to Null character in log files.
    • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Katalon Studio Image could not send report to Katalon TestOps.
  • Fixed Katalon Runtime Engine hanging issues when:
    • Running tests with Selenium Grid.
    • [Test Suite Collection] The number of Java threads kept increasing during execution.

Version 8.0.0 - 8.0.1

New Features

  • [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Supported native integration with Azure DevOps Test Plans. Learn more
  • [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Imported/Exported desired capabilities. Learn more
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine License] Added a parameter to release the previous execution session before checking the license. Learn more
  • Provided Product Tours for new Web UI and Web Service users.


  • Supported Chrome 90.
  • Supported Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 90.
  • Updated the embedded GeckoDriver to 0.29 (Firefox 88).
  • Improved Performance: Load large projects faster and consume less memory during execution.
  • Edge Chromium was now the default embedded browser (used to be Internet Explorer).
  • [Windows OS] Replaced embedded Oracle JRE 8 with Azul Zulu OpenJDK 8.
  • Enhanced Katalon TestOps Integration:
    • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Supported query for Test Suite Collection. Learn more
    • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Supported new parameters for the new Build concept. Learn more
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Passed HashMap for Global Variables from CLI.
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Added an option to Command Builder for updating WebDriver automatically.
  • [Enhanced Report] Added profile details to the email reports.


  • Katalon accounts registered with personal email are eligible for Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine trial licenses for 30 days.
  • MySQL became an external library. To keep it in use, follow this guide to configure MySQL database connection.


  • Bug: Fixed all blocker & critical security vulnerabilities reported by SonarQube in static code analysis and 3rd-party libraries scanning tools.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] Lacking of tracking event for activation.
  • Bug: [Windows] Missing Network connection Preference.
  • Bug: [Chrome 86] Recorder utility was not working.
  • Bug: Could not import Swagger JSON files.
  • Bug: The Bypass Certificate validation option was not working.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] An issue of not sending emails via command syntax sendMail.
  • Bug: An issue of deleting scripts when renaming the folder name.
  • Bug: Could not drag and drop a custom keyword from Keyword Browser.
  • Bug: Could not update References of Called Test Cases when the test cases are moved by drag and drop or cut and paste.
  • Bug: [Mobile testing] Could not capture object(s) while testing.