Official Release - Version 8.0.0 - 8.0.1

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New Features

  • [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Support native integration with Azure DevOps Test Plans. Learn more
  • [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Import/Export desired capabilities. Learn more
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine License] Add a parameter to release the previous execution session before checking license. Learn more
  • Product Tours for new Web UI and Web Service users.


  • Support Chrome 90.
  • Support Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 90.
  • Update the embedded GeckoDriver to 0.29 (Firefox 88).
  • Improve Performance: Load large projects faster and consume less memory during execution.
  • Edge Chromium is now the default embedded browser (used to be Internet Explorer).
  • [Windows OS] Replace embedded Oracle JRE 8 with Azul Zulu OpenJDK 8.
  • Enhance Katalon TestOps Integration:
    • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Support query for Test Suite Collection. Learn more
    • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Support new parameters for new Build concept. Learn more
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Pass HashMap for Global Variables from CLI.
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Add an option to Command Builder for updating WebDriver automatically.
  • [Enhanced Report] Add profile details to the email reports.


  • Katalon accounts registered with personal email are eligible for Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine trial licenses for 30 days.
  • MySQL becomes an external library. To continue using it, follow this guide to configure MySQL database connection.


  • Bug: Fix all blocker & critical security vulnerabilities reported by SonarQube in static code analysis and 3rd-party libraries scanning tools.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] Lacking of tracking event for activation.
  • Bug: [Windows] Missing Network connection Preference.
  • Bug: [Chrome 86] Recorder utility is not working.
  • Bug: Cannot import Swagger JSON files.
  • Bug: The Bypass Certificate validation option is not working.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] An issue of not sending emails via command syntax sendMail.
  • Bug: An issue of deleting scripts when renaming folder name.
  • Bug: Cannot drag and drop a custom keyword from Keyword Browser.
  • Bug: Cannot update References of Called Test Cases when the test cases are moved by drag and drop or cut and paste.
  • Bug: [Mobile testing] Cannot capture object(s) while testing.