Configuring Katalon Studio for Mobile Testing on Windows

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Test automation for mobile application required users to set up proper testing environment before performing any test. To perform Mobile testing on Katalon Studio required:

  • Node.js
  • Appium
  • Android/iOS device/emulator set up
  • AndroidSDK (packaged with Katalon Studio)

This tutorial illustrates how to set up environment for mobile app automation on both Windows operating systems.

Installing Node.js

Navigate to URL '' to download Node.js. Download the file according to the bit size of your operating system (32 bit or 64 bit) and install it.

For more details on how to install Node.js, please refer to

In order to successfully utilize Katalon Studio for mobile application automation, you will need to be able to run Node.js +6 and npm +3.  To make sure you have the appropriate version of Node and npm installed,

Open Windows Command Prompt/MacOS Terminal and type node -v for Node and npm -v for npm.

run Node.js in Katalon Studio

Installing Appium

Open Command Prompt/Terminal and type the following command to install Appium:

npm install –g appium

To see if Appium is installed successfully, open Command Prompt/Terminal and type appium. This should show you the current version of your installed Appium (e.g: v1.6.5).

Installing Appium in Katalon Studio

Appium directory needs to be set after this installation.

Setting Up the Appium Directory

  1. Open Katalon Studio and Go to Window Menu in the toolbar.
  2. Select Katalon Studio Preferences > Katalon > Mobile
  3. Set Appium Directory to the installed folder. User can browse or can paste the path.

By default, it's usually installed at C:\Users\{user  login account}\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\appium.

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