[WebUI] Analyze Test Case Execution Logs and Resolve Errors

After executing a Test Case, Katalon Studio provides users with comprehensive execution logs in the Log Viewer. Users can investigate the logs to troubleshoot and pinpoint the root causes of any issue quickly.

This tutorial shows you how to analyze execution logs of a failed Test Case in the Log Viewer and resolve the error.

Here we reuse the Test Case ("Sign in the shopping page to purchase a tank top") from the tutorial [WebUI] Create and Run Web UI Test Case using Record and Playback.

You can download the sample project here: Shopping Cart Tests.

In our example, the Test Case fails to find a Web element due to an unexpected change in the application under test (AUT). We look for the failed steps in the execution logs, find the root cause, and correct the step.

Analyze Test execution logs in Log Viewer

After executing the Test Case, Katalon Studio displays the results in the Log Viewer as follows:

Test Execution overview

Here we use the Tree View mode of the Log Viewer to analyze the logs. This mode displays execution logs in a structural way that helps users trace the Test execution and locate failed steps quickly.

Follow these steps to analyze the logs:

  1. Switch to the Tree View. Toggle on the Tree View button on the top-right corner of the Log Viewer.

    Tree View button

    The Tree View displays the execution logs in a tree-like structure on the left pane. Each node in the tree corresponds to a step in the Test Case, and failed steps are marked in red.

    Tree View Structure

    On the right pane, the view displays detailed log messages of each step.

    Log Message Pane
  2. To view warning messages of the failed step, click on the expand icon on the left of the step.

    Here the warnings indicate that Katalon Studio fails to find a Test Object with a specific XPath.

    Log Message Pane
  3. To view the detailed log message, click on the step. The log message is displayed on the right pane.

    Tree View Click on step

    In the root cause section, the message shows an exception: com.kms.katalon.core.webui.exception.WebElementNotFoundException: Web element with id ... not found.

    Root cause section

    To learn how to troubleshoot common exceptions in Web tests, you can refer to this document: Troubleshoot common exceptions when executing web tests.

    Below the root cause section, the message displays the failed step in the form of Test Script.

    Error Script

    From the details provided, we know that Katalon Studio cannot locate the sign-in button with the id 'Object Repository/Page_Zack Market/input_Password_button_btn__2lzmo' and the Object Locator //*[@value = 'Signing_in'].


  • Execution logs of Test Cases are preserved only in the running session of Katalon Studio. Once you reload Katalon Studio, the logs will disappear.

Resolve the error in the Test Case

After finding the root cause, we navigate the Test Object with incorrect XPath and update the Object Locator.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Test Object. In the log message of the failed step, click on the displayed Object ID.

    Click on Object in Log Message pane

    Here Katalon Studio navigates to the Test Object with the deprecated Object Locator.

    Navgiated Object with incorrect locator
  2. Update the Object Locator.

    Because a change in the AUT causes the error, we can update the Object Locator by re-recording the Test Case with the Web Recorder.

    Navgiated Object with incorrect locator
  3. After re-recording the Test Case, verify that the Test Object is updated.

    Here the Object Locator is updated with new properties and XPath.

    Updated Object locator
  4. Run the Test Case and verify the successful Test execution in the Log Viewer.

    Successful Test Execution

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