Katalon Studio 23: How to Create Environments | Execution Profiles

Learn how to create and manage Environment Profile in Katalon Studio via the informative video from Raghav Pal. There are 4 parts will be discussed, includes:

  1. How to create Environments (Profiles)
  2. How to set reference values from Profiles
  3. How to set Environment during execution
  4. Run and Validate

**Let get started via 5 simple steps: **

  • Step 1: Create a test case in Katalon Studio https://www.orangehrm.com/
  • Step 2: Add values to default profile
  • Step 3: Refer values from profile in TestCase
  • Step 4: Run TestCase, TestSuite and TestSuiteCollection with different profiles and validate
  • Step 5: Run and validate from command line -executionProfile="local"

Note: This video is contributed by Raghav Pal.