Creating test case using script mode

A quick guide to create test case using Script mode of Katalon Studio, a complete test automation tool, built on the top of Selenium and Appium. Katalon Studio helps you start automation testing on web on mobile with the least efforts and no costs. Free download at

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Given a sample test case with the steps as below:

  • Open the browser
  • Navigate to a website
  • Click on certain control
  • Validate if a control exists on the page
  • Close the browser

Follow these steps to automate the above test scenario in Script view:

    1. Select File > New > Test Case from the main menu. The New Test Case dialog will be displayed. Provide the name for the new test case, then click OK.

    2. Once a new test case is created, you can switch to Script view using the corresponding tab at the footer of the test case editor and observe how test steps of Manual view are translated into Groovy script of Script view.

    3. To use a built-in WebUI keyword, enter the following syntax into the editor. The Content Assist function will be invoked after users enter the dot character. Content Assist provides users with context-sensitive suggestion for code completion.

    4. Select the Open Browser keyword. This keyword will open a browser and navigate to the specified URL if provided. Selected keywords will have their description displayed along for reference.

    5. Enter the Navigate To Url keyword. This keyword will navigate to a specified URL. For now, enter the URL of Katalon Studio ( as input parameter.

    6. Enter the Click keyword. This keyword represents the click action on a given object. You need to specify an object for this action.

    7. Use the following syntax to refer to an object in Object Repository (alternatively, you can drag and drop the object to test case editor to generate the syntax):

      findTestObject('{Object ID}')

      Where Object ID is the ID of that object in Katalon Studio. You can find object ID from its Properties dialog.

    8. Enter the Verify Element Present keyword. This keyword validates if a certain object is displayed on the executing browser. Similar to the previous step, you need to specify the object to be used with this keyword.

    9. Add the Close Browser keyword and save your test case.

    10. Click on Run in main toolbar to execute the test case.

    11. Katalon Studio should be able to execute all the steps of the sample test case.

Now you know how to create automation test in Script view of Katalon Studio!

For further instructions and help, please refer to Katalon User Guide or Katalon Forum