Katalon Studio v5.5 (Beta): What’s New?

Katalon Studio v5.5 (Beta) is now available for trial! Let experience the tool with Raghav Pal by going through the highlights of this version:
– **Improve Web Recorder: **The new Web Recorder will have a similar interface to Test Case View. It also equipped with the ability to execute recorded steps on the fly.
– Share Custom Keywords: If you want to share your custom keywords within your team or to the community, Katalon Studio 5.5 introduces Import/Export Keywords to help you quickly grab your favorite custom keywords from outside resources or share your own.
– **Extend Web Service's Object: **Enhancement within the Web Service object's view to help you execute your verification snippets on the fly.

Get your compatible version:

Please feel free to experience the tool and provide your feedback here.  Your comments and contribution are all welcome!

Note: This video is contributed by Raghav Pal.