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Upload an application

TestCloud allows you to perform automated tests on mobile native applications. You can upload a mobile application and tests developed locally in Katalon Studio to TestOps, and then use TestCloud to orchestrate test executions without having to set up local emulators or simulators.

  • An active Katalon TestCloud mobile native app subscription.
  • A mobile application file in .apk or .aab format (for Android), or in .ipa format (for iOS).
  • A mobile test project configured in TestOps.
Go to the Application Repository to upload your app.
  1. Go to Resources > Application. The Application Repository appears.
  2. Click on Upload Application.
  3. In the upload application dialog box, click Choose Files and select the application you want to upload.
    • The Application Repository supports uploading application files in:
      • .apk
      • .aab
      • .ipa
    • The size limit for the uploaded application is 500MB.
Your application is successfully uploaded to the Application Repository. It now shows within your application list.