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  • Katalon Studio failed to start if you observe this message:


Delete .metadata folder from Katalon Studio folder, ,e.g D:\4.5\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-4.5\config\.metadata


  • Can't capture screenshot on browser's popup.
  • GroovyDoc can't be displayed for 'Concatenate' built-in keywords.
  • Object Spy/ Record can't capture elements in <object> tag
  • Mobile Object Spy can't capture displayed message on Android EditText control
  • .project file should be marked as ignored when you commit Katalon Studio project into CVS system such as SVN, GitHub, Bitbucket.

 Headless Execution: The following keywords are not supported

Execution at browser's session launched by 
Katalon Studio:
  • Does not support Safari on both Windows and MacOS yet.
  • Edge only handles 1 session.
  • Existing sessions are still displayed on browser item until you start another session.
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