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Can't capture screenshot on browser's popup

When using 'Take Screenshot' keyword, browser's popup can't be captured. To resolve this issue, you can extend its capabilities using the following custom keyword:

//Add a global variable "takeScreenShot" before using this	
	Boolean takeScreenShot(FailureHandling failureHandling, Boolean usingDriver=true) {
		if (!GlobalVariable.G_Screenshot_Capturing)
			return false
		WebUiBuiltInKeywords.delay(1, failureHandling)
			return true
			def screenRect = new Rectangle(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize());
			def capture = new Robot().createScreenCapture(screenRect);
			ImageIO.write(capture, "png", new File("d:\\test.png"));
			return true
			return false


GroovyDoc is not displayed for 'Concatenate' built-in keywords:

Due to input's variable is an array, its GroovyDoc can't be displayed.  Please view its description in keyword's page instead.


Object Spy/ Record can't capture elements in <object> tag:

WebDriver Spec: does not provide a method to deal with <object> tag, so Katalon Studio doesn't support handling <object> tag either. The workaround for this is to use pure javascript to access element inside <object> tag:


Mobile Object Spy can't capture displayed message on Android EditText control:

If you encounter Android EditText control and want to capture its displayed message, it's not possible now due to Appium's limitations

 Headless execution:

The following keywords are not supported with headless execution

Execution at browser's session launched by Katalon Studio:

  • Does not support Safari on both Windows and MacOS yet.
  • Edge only handles 1 session.

Rename field is not displayed when OS font size is > 100%. 


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