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Create a blank test case

Learn how to create a new blank test case in Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta).

  1. You can create and quickly record a new automatic test case from scratch via the following locations in Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta). There are two ways to do so:
    1. Main toolbar: Click the blue + Test Case button: Select + Test Case from Main Toolbar.
    2. Test Explorer view: From the Project home screen, click Tests and click the white + Test Case button from the side navigation.Select + Test Case from Test Explorer side navigation.
  2. Provide the required details:
    Provide your test case properties.
    1. Name: Provide a name for your new test case.
    2. Select location: select a folder location in the Katalon Cloud. You can also create a new folder location by clicking the Plus :plus: sign and entering the name of your new Katalon Cloud folder.
    3. App URL: Enter the URL of your application under test (AUT).
    4. (Optional) Description: Provide a description of what your new test case is all about.
  3. Click Record Test Steps.
    Click Record Test Steps.

    Two things happen when you click the Record Test Steps button:

    1. The new test case is automatically saved to the Katalon Cloud under the file folder location you selected.
    2. Katalon Platform Recorder auto-launches a new browser and navigates to the URL you provided.

You have created a Cloud Studio (Beta) test case from scratch and recorded its test steps.

Draft test case

A draft test case is a test case that has been created but has not yet been reviewed or approved publicly in an Organization. It is a work-in-progress and may be subject to changes before it is finalized.


The latest version of Cloud Studio (Beta) has phased out the workflow of creating test cases as draft test cases. Moving forward, all created Cloud Studio (Beta) test cases are automatically saved to Katalon Cloud. See the following topic for more information: Beta - October 25, 2023.

Previously, the workflow allows users to create draft test cases during the test planning phase. A draft test case is usually created to capture initial ideas and thoughts about what needs to be tested. Once the draft test case is reviewed and approved, it can be further developed, refined, and executed as part of the testing process.

A draft test case is also distinguished from a published test case based on the prefix in the URL (draft-{testCaseID-testCaseName}:

The draft test case.

The user accessing the Editor of the same project from different machines can create different draft test cases as Cloud Studio (Beta) draft test cases were initially stored in an indexed database.

Once the draft test case is validated and/or debugged, the draft test case may be published and subsequently moved to a folder as a published test case in Cloud Studio (Beta).