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Create a Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) test suite

Learn how to create a test suite for your Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) test cases.

  • You must belong in an organization and have at least one Katalon project.
  • You must have updated Git credentials and be connected to a Git repository. If you do not have access to a Git repository, your test suite is saved to the Katalon Cloud. For more information, see the following topic: January 19th 2021.
  1. From the Project home screen, go to Tests > Test Suites.
  2. Click the + Test Suite button to create a new test suite.
  3. Select Cloud Studio Test Suite as shown below: Select Test Suite > Cloud Studio Test Suite.
  4. Give your test suite a name and select the location of where you will create your new test suite. Name and select location of your Katalon Cloud Studio test case
  5. Select the published Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) test cases and add a commit message.
  6. Click Create to complete creating your new test suite.
Your test suite is now created.