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Download and install Katalon Platform Recorder

To get started with Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta), you need to download and install the Katalon Platform Recorder.

Before you start: To use Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta), you need to:

  • Log in to a Katalon account; and
  • Join an Organization with an active project.
  1. Download and install Katalon Platform Recorder.
    1. Open a Google Chrome browser.
    2. Go to the Chrome store and click Add to Chrome. You may review privacy policies and/or click Add extension.
  2. Start recording your first automation test case with Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta).
    Note: Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) now supports Record and Playback on Microsoft Edge. Download and activate the Chrome extension on your Microsoft Edge browser and open your Katalon Platform Recorder to perform your test automation with Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta).

The Katalon Platform Recorder is now installed on your browser and you are now ready to use Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta).