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Known issues and limitations

The following are known issues and limitations when you create, manage, and execute your test cases using Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta).

Known issues

Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) may experience the following known issues:

  • Working with the Editor in multiple tabs may cause some issues.
  • Navigating outside the Editor while in a recording session may result in an abnormal behavior or may produce an unexpected result.

  • Navigating outside the Editor while adding a new test step or editing your test steps may result to changes not being saved.

  • Select Option by Value keyword limitation

    The selectOptionByValue does not support selecting multiple options from a drop-down list.


Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta) has the following known issues:

  • The following are not yet supported in Katalon Cloud Studio (Beta):
    • Select multiple browser versions versions when running test case with TestCloud.
    • Privately accessed or local-hosted websites cannot be run with TestCloud Tunnel.