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Parameterize Azure DevOps Test Case ID List in Katalon Studio (PoC)

  • This Proof of Concept (PoC) is not ready for production use. We recommend using this PoC for evaluation purposes only.
  • Download Katalon Studio version 8.1.1.alpha.

From version 8.0.0, you can natively integrate with Azure DevOps (ADO) to map ADO test cases to test cases in Katalon Studio, and automatically submit test runs with results to ADO.

In fact, running a test can generate lots of results when you use the data-driven testing method. In this PoC, we provide a solution to set custom test iteration IDs, so that test iterations in Katalon Studio are automatically mapped to the related ADO test cases.


What is an iteration?

An iteration is a test case executed with a test data row.


Set Parameter in Azure Test Plans and in Katalon Studio

In this step, we will guide you through adding and calling a test case variable in the ADO test case ID list.

In Azure Test Plans

You can view your test case IDs in Azure Test Plan.

ado ID

In Katalon Studio

  1. Add a test case variable:

    Open your desired test case and switch to the Variables tab. To create a variable, click Add. For example, we create a number variable named ado_id. To learn more about variables, see Test Case Variables.

  2. Call a variable in the ADO test case ID list:

    Switch to the Integration tab and select the Azure integration. In the ADO Test Case ID list, call the variable with the syntax ${Your_variable_name}, for example: ${ado_id}.

    You can map one test case ID in Katalon Studio with many test case IDs on ADO, IDs are separated by commas. Duplicated test case IDs will be used one time only.

    To check if the test case ID is valid, click Verify.


Execute a test suite containing associated test cases in Katalon Studio

  1. Add the test case above to a test suite.

  2. To conduct Data Binding, in the test suite editor, click Show Data Binding.

    In the Test Data table, you can add or check your test data files. The Variable Binding table shows your variable list with related test data files and values.

    conduct data binding

  3. When you are done with the configuration, click Run to execute your test suite. After the test suite execution, you can view your test results in ADO. Each test iteration in Katalon Studio is automatically mapped to related ADO test cases. Invalid ADO test case IDs are showed in Katalon Studio Event Log.

    event log

    In Azure Test Plans, you can find a report with a list of test iterations.

    report in ADO