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Known issues and Limitations

  • Click Offset, Right Click Offset and Mouse Over Offset keywords do not work on Safari.
  • Cannot capture Android EditText message using Mobile Object Spy.
  • Does not support Safari on both Windows and macOS yet when using Execute test from specific step.
  • Katalon Studio Console Mode cannot display Unicode characters due to Windows CMD does not support UTF-8 encoding.
  • When exporting the test Reports to PDF file, special characters will be converted to UTF-8 format. The Katalon Team has planned to support custom font in future releases.
  • Comment out steps in the last sentence will be lost when you switch to manual view and modify the script from manual view. If your intention is not to run these test steps, we recommend you mark the step as not_run instead of commenting out. It's currently a limitation as groovy itself does not support comments like this.