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BDD Testing Framework (Cucumber integration)

  • For better performance, you should clean up the Katalon workspace frequently. Navigate to File > Clean up.

Behavior-driven development (BDD) testing framework allows you to create test cases in plain English. BDD testing framework focuses on the behavior of the product and user acceptance criteria. Cucumber is a BDD framework tool to write test cases, which uses Gherkin, an ordinary language parser, that permits writing scripts in English.

The integration of the Cucumber framework in Katalon Studio allows you to include Cucumber test hooks, which work at the start and the end of a scenario in a behavior-driven development (BDD) test. To learn more about test hooks in the Cucumber framework, you can refer to this Cucumber document: Cucumber Hooks reference.

With the BDD testing framework in Katalon Studio, you can:

  • Create or add a feature file.

  • Define and link steps.

  • Set the default package for step definitions.

  • Run your feature file.

  • Add your feature file to a test case.

  • View BDD report files generated from Katalon Studio.

  • Upload and view BDD reports on Katalon TestOps.

To start working with BDD feature files and use test hooks for your BDD framework, see Working with BDD feature files in Katalon Studio.

To learn how to create BDD test cases, see Create BDD test case in Katalon Studio.

You can download the sample project here on our GitHub repository: Katalon BDD Cucumber Tests.