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Import REST request from OpenAPI

OpenAPI Specification (OAS) is a definition file that describes an API or elements of an API. You can use an API definition file to import REST request into Katalon Studio.

Your definition file should follow version 3.0 or 2.0 of the OpenAPI Specification. The format of the file can be in JSON or YAML. To import an API definition in OpenAPI Specification, do as follows:
  1. Create or open your API project.
  2. From the main toolbar, click the Import OpenAPI icon.

    Alternatively, in the Tests Explorer panel, right-click Object Repository > Import > From OpenAPI.

  3. In the displayed Import REST request from OpenAPI/Swagger dialog, enter a URL, or click Browse to select a definition file.
    • OpenAPI version 3.1.x is not yet supported.
    • No Raw text content in HTTP Body parsed from Swagger.
    • No Authorization parsed from Swagger and OpenAPI 3.
    • Variables and parameters must be adjusted manually.
Katalon Studio loads the file and generates RESTful requests into a folder accordingly.