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Select test object by indexing

Select a specific test object from multiple test objects located by indexing.

In this example, you want to select an object with the following attributes:
//*[@class = 'android.widget.TextView' and (@text = '2059010625' or . = '2059010625') and @resource-id = 'com.cardinalhealth.vantus.debug:id/tv_account_id']
But there are multiple objects that have similar attributes. If locating with ID, you'll get 6 objects of the same IDs. The only difference here is the text value, @text = '2059010625'. In this case, you can remove the text attribute and apply indexing to differentiate between objects.

Follow the steps to select a test object by indexing:

  1. In Katalon Studio, open Object Spy > Captured Objects, and locate similar test objects.
  2. Update/add the following XPath expression in the Locator field:
    (//*[@class = 'UI element name' and @resource-id = 'resource ID name'])[index number]

    In this example, the XPath expression to be updated/added for the first test object would be:

    (//*[@class = 'android.widget.TextView' and @resource-id = 'com.cardinalhealth.vantus.debug:id/tv_account_id'])[1]
    For the second test object:
    (//*[@class = 'android.widget.TextView' and @resource-id = 'com.cardinalhealth.vantus.debug:id/tv_account_id'])[2]
Your desired test object is correctly identified based on the indexing values you specified in the XPath expression.