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Common issues with browser-based videos in Katalon Studio report

When you are unable to generate browser-based videos.

There are no physical video files in the folder, or it only shows the .srt file.

The issue might happen due to different decimal separators in different languages which leads to an invalid duration format for each screen frame. You need to change the default decimal separator to the US standard.

  1. In Tests Explorer section, go to Include > config then open the file in trace mode.
  2. Add to expand the log generated from the console, as the following screenshot:
    Add to file
  3. Run the test suite again.

    If you encounter this error message:

    [concat @ 000001cf6138bc80] Line 2: invalid duration '1,323'
    durations.txt: Invalid argument
    1. Add the script below into the Before Test Suite method in the Test Listener file. See Create new Test Listeners.
      Locale.setDefault(new Locale("en", "US"));

      Here is an example after adding the script:

      Add the script into the Before Test Suite method

There are no videos generated. The Play icon does not appear in the Video column.

Browser-based videos are not generated
  1. Go to Project > Settings > Desired Capabilities > Web UI. Select among Chrome, Chrome Headless, or Edge Chromium.
  2. Click the value in the Value column, then choose three dots icon button.
    Edit the value of an arguments
    The List Property Builder dialog appears.
  3. Click Add to add another string with the value --remote-allow-origins=*, as shown in the sample screenshot below:
    Add another argument
  4. Click Apply & Close then re-run the test suite.