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Why Katalon Studio opens multiple Chrome browsers?

There are multiple Google Chrome processes running in the background while running Katalon Studio. When we manually open a single chrome tab, we can see many Chrome processes in Task Manager. multiple Chrome processes

  1. It is possible to set up Google Chrome browser on Windows 10 to create only a single process, even if you open multiple tabs on your computer. Right-click on the Google Chrome icon in your Start Menu and then click on Properties option. In case the Chrome icon is on the Taskbar of your computer, right-click on Chrome icon, right-click on Google Chrome and then click on Properties.
    google Chrome - Properties
  2. On the Chrome Properties screen, click on the Target text box and scroll to the end of the line. Insert the phrase –process-per-site after the end of the text which is currently in the Target box.
    Google Chrome properties target: --process-per-site
    • There must be a single space before –process-per-site

  3. Click on Apply and OK to close Google Chrome Properties screen.