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Katalon Store overview

  • This functionality is currently no longer actively developed.

About Katalon Store

Katalon Store is the open-source Katalon plugin development platform where you can:

  • Extend Katalon Studio automation capabilities
  • Adapt Katalon Studio into any SDLC
  • Build your business on a single, scalable, and customizable platform

Let’s take a look at what Katalon Store can offer you:

  • Deploy and maintain plugins in a consistent, secure, and optimized way
  • Distribute your plugins for Katalon products
  • Leverage the power of the community to maximize testing efficiency

Discover Katalon Store now!

Katalon Plugins

Katalon plugins are small pieces of software that you install into Katalon Studio, which adds more functionality and allows for near total customization of your tool. These plugins are built to improve the automation efficiency of your projects or meet your specific business needs.

Some outstanding plugins in Katalon Store:

How Katalon Store works

You can install, manage, rate, and write reviews for plugins. See Getting Started.

  • Can't find your desired plugin? Request it on our Forum.

In addition, you can also build your plugins and share useful custom keywords to address the market demands.


For more details about how to build and submit your plugins to Katalon Store, see Create your first Katalon Studio plugin and Submit and publish plugins.