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Submit and publish a new plugin on Katalon Store

  • This functionality is currently no longer actively developed.

This article is a walkthrough through the process of publishing a new plugin to Katalon Store. If you just want to get started, head to the Submit a new plugin page on the Katalon Store.

Before you begin

To start, familiarize yourself with the Developer Agreement and Guidelines to create your first Katalon Studio plugin or Custom Keywords plugin.

Upload the plugin to Katalon Store

To upload your plugin to Katalon Store, go to Plugin submission page.

  • Add all its files to a ZIP archive with the extension .zip.

  • Click Browse, select and upload your plugin or Drag and drop your plugin from your device.
    • Before uploading your package, please check your .zip file carefully. Make sure that you zipped the PLUGIN FILE ONLY (excluding the folder).

  • If your plugin passes all the checks, you will be allowed to click Continue.

Submit plugin information on Katalon Store

After successfully uploading your plugin, provide the following information:

  • Publisher
  • Plugin name
  • Description: Briefly describe your plugin in 50 words or less
  • Version
  • Type
  • Source code repository
  • Documentation: Please insert your documentation source for the plugin here
  • Overview: Please provide more details of your plugin (e.g. What does this plugin do? What are the features and capabilities of this plugin?)

Click Save. Save your submission as a draft.

Publish a plugin to Katalon Store

After submitting your plugin as a draft, go to Manage published plugins page to view and publish your plugin. It will be subject to further review and ready to be published after being approved. As soon as your plugin is approved, it will be available on Katalon Store for users to discover and install.

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